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RoadDawg Interviews
RoadDawg Spotlight: Dominic Tancredi, Woodstage Stage Art

RoadDawg Online's Interview with Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is arguably "The Most Interesting Drummer in Nashville." In this RoadDawg feature, Kevin talks about his journey from a hotbed of talent, Charlottesville, VA to playing to sold-out crowds with '90's supergroup, Tonic.

RoadDawg Online's Interview with John Toomey!                                     

In this RoadDawg Online exclusive, John discusses the inspiration and motivation behind his DVD, "John Toomey's Footwork: Developing 6-Way Independence." He details how his techniques can be applied in varying degrees; from commercial music to extreme drumming. He also talks about his influences and how the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina shaped his career.

 RoadDawg Online's Interview with Ty Smith

Ty Smith's musical journey began in Mississippi, practicing to Al Green records and has led him Nashville, touring with Country star, Easton Corbin. In this RoadDawg interview, check out the diversions - like almost being a weatherman, playing with a Country music legend and writing hit songs.


  RoadDawg Online's Interview with Boone Daughdrill!

Boone is drumming for Country sensation, The Band Perry. In this RoadDawg Online interview, Boone talks about growing up in Southern Mississippi and how his many diverse musical influences helped him develop his ambidextrous style. His music education background was essential for providing the backbone of The Band Perry's rhythm section, but also aided him in his foray into Christian Rock with DecembeRadio.

 Boone's RoadDawg Pre-Show Hygiene Tips!

In this RoadDawg short, you will find out Boone's Pre-Show Hygiene tips and what really makes his show tick!

 RoadDawg Online's Interview with Greg Herrington!

Greg Herrington has been in the Martina McBride drum chair for 15 years. In this RoadDawg Interview, Greg tells about his humble beginnings on a "Bozo The Clown" drumset, his rise through the Christian music industry and the path that led him to playing with one of the most powerful voices in music.

 RoadDawg Online's Interview - Steve Misamore!
Steve Misamore has been through it all with Dierks Bentley; from playing the bars in Nashville, to getting Dierks' demo CD to record execs, to packing sold-out arenas. In this RoadDawg interview, Steve dishes on his influences, his move to Nashville, the audition process and life on the road with Dierks.

 RoadDawg Update - Lester Estelle, Jr.
Lester Estelle, Jr. is a busy man. When he's not on the road with Country super-entertainer, Neal McCoy, he's recording, doing a little producing and breaking in a new drumkit! Check out the latest!

 RoadDawg Gear Check - The CMA Awards

RoadDawg Online takes you backstage at the 44th Annual CMA awards to check out  the drumkits played on the show!  Also, gain insight into what goes into setting up and prepping the kits with Mark Arnold (drum tech for Chris McHugh/Keith Urban) and Craig Krolicki (drum tech for Jim Riley/Rascal Flatts.)

 RoadDawg's Interview with Chuck Fields

Chuck Fields is a man of diversity. He can play Country with Terri Clark, R&B with Johnny Reid and Jazz with Trioshift. In Part One of his RoadDawg Interview, he talks about the Terri Clark gig and networking in Nashville. He also talks about touring with Johnny Reid and his musical guilty pleasure, Trioshift.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Chuck Fields - Part 2

In Part 2 of RoadDawg's Interview with Chuck Fields, he talks about how his setups vary according to gigs with Terri Clark, Johnny Reid and Trioshift.  He also candidly discusses his battle with cancer and his road to recovery.

 Cory Procter Gag Reel

Funny outtakes from RoadDawg Online's exclusive interview with NFL player and Metal drummer, Cory Procter.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Cory Procter - Part 2

In Part Two of RoadDawg's exclusive interview with Cory Procter, drummer for the Metal band, Free Reign, he talks about balancing life as an NFL player and musician.  The band is garnering attention not only from the sports world, but from the music world as well.  Having success in both realms has allowed Cory to enjoy the many perks of being a professional musician - like endorsements.  He discusses his gear and how Pearl's Demon Drive Pedal changed his life.  The life of an NFL player is ever-changing and Cory tells about the band's future and how his "change in scenery" will affect it.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Cory Procter - Part 1

Cory Procter has the best of two worlds - drummer in the "Heavier than Metal" band, Free Reign and professional football player. In part one of this RoadDawg exclusive, Cory talks about getting started on the drums, forming the band and the similarities in taking the stage and taking the field.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Jeff Potter

The Lost Trailers are a "Band of Brothers" and drummer Jeff Potter has been there from the beginning. He talks about how the band formed, how they keep things fresh on the road and in the studio and how their approach to touring is helping on local and global levels.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Lester Estelle, Jr.

Lester Estelle, Jr. is a monster drummer on an incredible musical journey. It began in Kansas City playing Gospel and Jazz, then onto Hard Rock with the Christian group, Pillar and is now lending his extraordinary talents to one of Country music's most entertaining and energetic performers, Neal McCoy.

RoadDawg's Interview with Roy Burns - The Evolution of Endorsements

Do you ever wonder what companies are looking for in endorsers?  Roy Burns, drumming legend and founder of Aquarian drumheads, provides insight into a very loaded subject.  He also talks about how endorsements and the music industry has changed over the years.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Roy Burns - The Making of a Legend

In part 2 of this RoadDawg exclusive, Roy Burns talks about touring, the New York City jazz scene in the late 50's and how his recording of "Sing, Sing, Sing" with Benny Goodman put him on the map.

 RoadDawg's Exclusive Interview with Roy Burns - Part 1

The legendary Roy Burns single-handedly changed the drumming landscape.  He is all things to the drumming world - performer, educator and innovator.  In this Part 1 of this RoadDawg exclusive, Roy talks about his humble beginnings in Kansas, making to move to New York City and founding Aquarian drumheads.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Rich Redmond - The Conclusion

In the final episode of the Rich Redmond saga, Rich tells about how cultivating his relationship with Jason Aldean has paid off in many ways - from recording to touring.  Rich is also a partner in a production company, New Voice Entertainment, and they are shaking things up in the music scene.  Making the most of today's powerful media outlets for promotion is something else that Rich embraces and he also touches on how the next generation of drummers may be the best ever.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Rich Redmond -
Episode II

In the latest installment of the Rich Redmond saga, he talks about diving into the Nashville music scene headfirst how today's technology has aided the process!  Rich got some help from Nashville studio greats Eddie Bayers and Lonnie Wilson.  He auditioned and got the gig with country legend, Pam Tillis.  He also reveals the events that led to the formation of The III Kings and his stint with Rushlow.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Rich Redmond - Episode I

Rich Redmond is the heartbeat behind country rocker, Jason Aldean; not only on the road, but in the studio.  He is also the driving force for The III Kings, one of the top call session teams in Nashville.  In Episode I, he talks about picking up sticks for the first time, his college years and making the move to Nashville.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Keith Zebroski

Keith Zebroski is providing the fuel behind country superstar, Miranda Lambert.  His musical journey started in Long Island, NY and took him to San Diego, Florida and ended up in Austin, TX.  He was a founding member of Nine Days, who had a number 1 hit with "(Absolutely) The Story of a Girl."  He talks about leaving Nine Days, rejoining them and then hooking up with Miranda.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Ron Gannaway - Part 3

Ron Gannaway has been a "RoadDawg" for over 20 years, which is a testament to his versatility, rock-solid timing and demeanor.  From Tom T. Hall, to Steve Wariner, to Joe Nichols, he has played and seen it all!  In Part 3, Ron talks about the Joe Nichols gig, touring with Gretchen Wilson and his gear.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Ron Gannaway - Part 2

In part 2, Ron talks about getting the gig with Steve Wariner.  It was a ride that took him all over the world and gave him the opportunity to play with some of the greats.  Ron still records with Steve and he talks about the latest project - a Chet Atkins tribute album.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Ron Gannaway - Part 1

Ron Gannaway is a legend in country drumming and one of the greatest guys around.  He started touring in the mid-80's and is still at it with Gretchen Wilson.  In Part 1, he talks about his influences and the early gigs with country legends Tom T. Hall and Mel McDaniel.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Trey Byrd

Currently touring with Country wild man, Trent Tomlinson, Trey Byrd is no one trick pony. He talks about how his musical upbringing playing in church, studying jazz and latin in high school and college prepared him for a successful career. Also, find out how close he was to taking a very different career path.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Trey Cordle

Trey is touring with country artist, Steve Holy. He talks about moving to Nashville, getting the gig, balancing side projects and more!

 RoadDawg's Interview with Myron Howell

Myron Howell is touring with country star, Jake Owen. In RoadDawg's interview, he talks about Jake's gig and how he melds gospel, country and other influences, including his father's, to create his own style. He describes the Memphis music scene and talks about his recent move to Nashville. Also, find out what Myron does in his spare time!

 RoadDawg's Interview with Tim Horsley

Tim Horsley is currently touring with Bakersfield infused country rocker, Gary Allan. In this candid interview, Tim talks about his influences, the harsh reality of auditions, drum tuning and more!

 RoadDawg's Interview with Tom Hurst - Part 2

In Part 2, Tom talks about teaching the next generation of drummers, the amazing trio, The Power Triplets, his gear and playing with Rocky Covington, Bucky's brother.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Tom Hurst - Part 1

In Part 1 of Tom Hurst's RoadDawg Interview, he talks about drumming for American Idol finalist, Bucky Covington, how he has integrated his extensive drum corps experience into his drum kit playing and how being knowledgeable in many styles is essential.

 Kent Slucher's Friendship with Kelly Keagy

In this bonus video, Kent Slucher, drummer for country singer Luke Bryan, talks about how a flight from Vegas led to him playing on Night Ranger's Kelly Keagy's album.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Kent Slucher - Part 2 

In Part 2, Kent talks about getting the gig with Country music icon, Pam Tillis and the invaluable experience that he gained.  That "on the job training" got him ready for playing stadiums with Luke Bryan.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Kent Slucher - Part 1

Kent Slucher is currently touring with Country star, Luke Bryan.  In part one of his interview, he talks about his musical upbringing, getting his first touring gig and living the dream...almost!

 RoadDawg's Interview with Trey Grey - Part 4

In the final installment, Trey talks about the Brooks and Dunn vibe on the road, his daily battle with Huntington's Disease and drummers as producers.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Trey Gray - Part 3

In Part 3 of Trey's interview, he talks about the the whirlwind Jewel gig, the loss of Jewel's bass player and the transition to the Brooks and Dunn gig.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Trey Gray - Part 2 

In this installment, Trey talks about Faith Hill's rise to superstardom and getting the gig with Jewel.

 RoadDawg's Interview with Trey Gray - Part 1

Trey is currently touring with super duo Brooks and Dunn and has toured with Faith Hill, Jewel and many more in his very successful career.  In this installment, we talk about his move to Nashville, the audition process and getting the Faith Hill gig.

 RoadDawg's Interview with John Spittle

John is drumming for Country giant, Trace Adkins.  In this interview, he talks about his move to Nashville, getting the gig, making the studio recording come alive in concert and more!

 RoadDawg's Interview with Carlo Marino

Check out Nashville Star's drummer, Carlo Marino's interview.   He talks about a typical Nashville Star week, taking time off, gear, Kenny Chesney and more!
 RoadDawg's Interview with Gregg Lohman

RoadDawg caught up with Gregg Lohman, drummer for Country Star and American Idol Contestant, Kellie Pickler.  Gregg talks about playing for the venue, his music education, Raisin' Cane, playing open-handed and gear!

 RoadDawg's Interview with Jim Bloodgood

Jim Bloodgood is laying it down for Country Superstar, Sara Evans.  Jim discusses what lead him to Nashville, Sara's gig, his favorite drummers and his life as a Soap Opra star!!
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