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RoadDawg Gear Check

Tracy Broussard Gear Check!

Michael Gray

Michael is absolutely crushing it out on the road with singer/songwriter Lee Brice! Check out his home away from home.

Crush Sublime Bubinga - Copper Sparkle Fade
24" x 18" Kick Drum
12" x 9" Tom
13" x 10" Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
18" x 16" Floor Tom
14" x 7.5" Snare Drum

Zildjian Cymbals
15" A Custom Hi-Hats
18" A Custom Crashes x 2
19" A Custom Crash
20" A Custom Crash
22" A Custom Ride

Pearl Hardware

Remo Drumeads
Coated Emperors - Tops
Clear Ambassadors - Bottoms
Woodshed Percussion Head Art on Kick Drum

ProMark Drumsticks
747 Oak

David Parks

David has the "Best Seat in the House" with the LoCash Cowboys.  Check out the Luddies that he abuses every night on the road!

Ludwig Classic Maple - Mint Oyster Glass Glitter
26" x 16" Bass drum
13" x 11" Rack tom
16" x 16" Floor tom
18" x 16" Floor tom
14" x 8"   Black Magic
14" x 6.5" Chrome-over-Brass Supraphonic

Zildjian Cymbals
15" Avedis Mastersound Hi-Hats
22" K custom Ride
18", 19", 20" (any given day combo), A Custom Projection, K Custom, K
Hybrid Crashes

Zildjian Drumsticks
Super 5B

Remo Drumheads
Toms - Batter side Coated Emporers / Clear Ambassodors on bottom
Snares - Batter side Emporer X / Hazy bottom w/ wide strand snare
Kick Drum - Batter (usually a Remo Powerstroke 3, hard to find a 26'
and all they had was what was pictured that day)
Kick front - VINTAGE LOGOS Custom drum head

Kelly Shu Mic Mounting System in kick drum

Ludwig Hardware

DW 5000 Delta Double Kick Pedal

LP Mounted Tamborine

Roc N Soc Throne (Best Seat In The House)

William Ellis

William Ellis' power drumming is driving Country super-duo, Montgomery Gentry.  Check out his Yamaha Oak Custom super-rig!

Yamaha Oak Custom - Silver Sparkle
22x17 Bass Drums x 2
12x9 Tom
13x10 Tom
16 x 16 Floor Tom
18x16 Floor Tom
14x6.5 Steel Snare Drum
14x6.5 Aluminum Snare Drum
12x4 Steel Snare Drum

Yamaha Hardware
(1) WS 955A Tom Stand
(1) TH945B Tom Holder
(1) TH 940B Tom Holder
(2) CS 965 Boom Cymbal Bases
(1) CS 965 Boom Cymbal Stand
(1) CS 865 Boom Cymbal Stand
(3) CS 865 Boom Cymbal Arms
(2) CH 755 Medium Boom Arms
(1) CL 945B Tom Ball Clamp
(1) HS 1200T Hi-Hat Stand
(1) HSAT 910 Hi Hat Stand Attachment
(4) FP-9500C Strap Drive Single Pedals
(1) DS 950 Doubled Braced Drum Stool

Sabian Cymbals
21" AAX Stage Ride
19" HHX Explosion Crash
19" AAX Explosion Crash
(2) 18" HHX Explosion Crashes
18" HHX China
18" AAX Extreme China
14" HHX Power Hats

Evans Drumheads
Kick Drums -  EQ4 Clear Batter Side/G2 Coated Front Side Art by Woodshed Percussion
Toms -  G2 Clear Top/G1 Clear Bottom
Snares - 14" ST Coated Top/Hazy 300 Bottom
              12" Onyx Top/Resonant Clear Bottom

Pro Mark Drumsticks
5B Wood Tip
Hot Rods

Electronics and Accessories
(2) Tama Rhythm Watches
(1) 2 Channel Mixer
(1) Pro Mark Drumstick Holder-Mounted to Hi-Hat Stand
Moon Gel

Shure Microphones
(2) Beta 52
(6) Beta 56
(1) SM 57
(3) SM 81

Ty Smith

Ty is lending his many considerable talents to up and coming Country star, Easton Corbin.  Here is his touring Gretsch kit.

Gretsch Renown - Satin Black
22" x 18" Bass drum
12" x 9" Rack tom
16" x 16" Floor tom
14" x 6.5" Ludwig Bronze Supraphonic Snare
14" x 6.5" Gretsch Maple Snare

Supernatural Cymbals
20" Prodogy Pro Crash
22" Prodigy Pro Ride
18" Revolution China with 16" Revolution Crash on top
14" Impact Hats

Pro-Mark Drumsticks
5 AB or 5 C

Evans Drumheads

Pearl Hardware

Lester Estelle. Jr.

Lester is on tour with consummate Country music entertainer, Neal McCoy.  Check out his hybrid maple/acrylic Risen kit!

Risen Hybrid Drums - Indigo Blue Sparkle/Clear Acrylic
22x18 Bass Drum
22x8 Woofer
10x6 Tom or 12x7 Tom (not pictured)
14x10 Floor Tom
16x12 Floor Tom
18x14 Floor Tom
Hot Rod Snares(various sizes)

Sabian Cymbals
13" AAX Fusion hats
17" vault crash
20" HHX evolution
19" HHXtreme crash
18" AAX Ozone

Wuhan Stacks
10" splash on top of 12" china
12" splash on top of 14" china

Evans Drumheads
Clear G2's Toms
Coated Powercenter Snares
Clear Emad Kick

Sliver Fox Drumsticks - 5B

Audix Mics

DW 9000 Hardware

Roc-N-Soc Throne w/Buttkicker 2

Lee Kelley

Lee is bringing his vast amount of road experience to the Heidi Newfield gig.  Check out his touring setup.

22x18 Bass Drum
10X8 1/2 Tom
12x9 Tom
14x14 or 16x16 Floor Tom
14x 6 1/2 Stainless Steel Snare (Main)
14x6 Tour Pro Snare (Back-up)

Sabian Cymbals
14" Evolution Hi Hats
12" Evolution Splash
(2) 17" HH Medium Thin Crashes
16" AAX Dark Crash
21" HH Raw Bell Ride

Taye Hardware (6500 Series) with a DW 9000 Double Pedal
Evans Drumheads
Snare - Genera HD Coated Batter/Hazy 300 Bottom
Toms - EC2 Clear or G2 Clear or Coated Batter/G1 Clear Bottom
Kick - Frosted EQ1

Austin Curcuruto

Austin is touring with American Idol finalist, Bo Bice.  He also placed second in the Up & Coming category in the 2010 Modern Drummer Readers Poll.  Check out his rig!

Gretsch Renown Maple Series - Custom Blue Fade
22x18 Bass Drum
12x9 Tom
14x16 Floor Tom
14x6 1/2 USA Maple Snare
10x5 Pearl Poplar Popcorn Snare
Zildjian Cymbals
  8" A Custom or K Splash
10" A Custom or K Splash
14" A Mastersounds
16" A Custom Crash
17" A Custom Crash
18" A Custom Crash
20" K Custom Ride
17" K China                               

Evans Drumheads
Toms - G2 Clear Batter/G1 Clear Bottom
Snare - Power Center Reverse Dot
Kick -  EQ3

Promark Drumsticks
747B Wood tip

Steve Misamore

Steve has been "Feelin' That Fire" with Country star Dierks Bentley on the road and in the studio for almost ten years.  This is the vehicle that he uses to bring Dierks' music to the masses!

Ludwig  Legacy Classic Series - Arctic White
22"x18" Bass Drum
13"x10" Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
14"x5" Maple Snare

Zildjian Cymbals
14" K Session HiHats
19" A Custom Crash
20" A Custom Crash
19" K Dark Thin Crash
21" Prototype Ride
19" A Custom China

Remo Drumheads
Toms - Vintage Ambassadors
Snare - Coated Ambassador
Bass Drum -  Powerstroke 4

Promark Drumsticks
5B Wood Tip 

Rhythm Tech Percussion

SKB Cases

Gregg Lohman

Gregg is touring with Country superstar and American Idol finalist, Kellie Pickler.  In his unique setup, he is blending acoustic and electronic elements for various drum loops and effects.  Photos by Sayre Berman

22"x18" Maple Bass Drum
18"x16" Birch Bass Drum
10"x8" Birch Tom
12"x9" Birch Tom
14”x14” Birch Floor Tom
16”x16” Birch Floor Tom
14"x5.5" Paul Leim Signature Snare Drum

Evans Drumheads
22" Bass Drum - EQ3 Coated Batter/EQ3 Smooth White Resonant
18" Bass Drum - EMad Coated Batter/EQ3 Smooth White Resonant
Toms – GPlus Clear Batter/G1 Clear Resonant
Snare Drum – Reverse Dot Coated Batter/Hazy 300 Snare Side

Zildjian Cymbals
20” A Custom Projection Ride
18” A Custom Projection Crash
19” A Custom Projection Crash
18" K EFX
18” K Medium Thin Dark Crash
14” A Custom Mastersound Hi-hats

Regal Tip Drumsticks
5A-X Model
various brushes

Gibraltar Stealth Rack & Hardware

Buttkicker II

Abelton Live for click & tracks

Kevin Rapillo

Kevin has held down the drumming chair with Rodney Atkins since the beginning.  Check out his cool setup!

Yamaha Absolute Maple Nouveau - Midnight Sparkle
22"x17" Kick Drums
12" x 10 Rack Tom
14"x14" Floor Tom (Left of Hihat)
16"x16" Floor Tom
14"x7" Spaun Trey Gray Maple/Birch Hybrid Snare
14" Steve Gadd Steel Snare (not pictured)
All Yamaha Hardware and Hexrack System

Zildjian Cymbals
18" K Crash
20" A Custom Crash
15" A Custom Mastersound HiHats
19" K Custom Hybrid Crash
22" A Custom Ping Ride
14" K Mastersound  HiHats for X hat
18" A Custom Trash China

Remo Heads
Toms - Smooth White Emperors(top)/Ambassadors(bottom)
Kicks - Powerstroke 3/ Custom Remo Graphic front heads
Snare - Coated Emperor X

Vater Blazer Drumsticks

LP Bell Diablo Cowbell
Meinl Percussion Tambourine
Alesis HR-18 Drum Machine

Kent Slucher

Kent is out bringin' it to the people with Luke Bryan.  Check out his touring rig!

Ddrum Dios African Bubinga - Blueburst
22"x20" Bass Drum
10"x8" Rack Tom
14"x12" Floor Tom
16"x14" Floor Tom
14"x6 1/2" Hand Hammered Bronze Snare
Sabian Cymbals
15" HHX Groove Hi Hats
20" Vault Crash
21" Artisan Ride
20" Paragon Crash
20" Ozone Crash

Aquarian Drumheads
Toms - Clear Response II/Batter, Classic Clear/Resonant
Snare - Hi-Velocity
Bass Drum - Superkick I/Batter, Woodshed Percussion resonant head with Luke Bryan logo

Vater Drumsticks
5A Eternal Black Series

DW Hardware and Pedals

Yamaha Clickstation
Westone Ear Monitors
Factory Metal Percussion Crasher
Swirly Gig Stick Holders

Keio Stroud

When not on the road with Chely WrightRodney Crowell or Halfway To Hazard, Keio is busy in the studio with The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies', Mike Farris, among others.  Check out his touring and recording kits.


Yamaha Absolute Nouveau- Blue Sparkle 
22"x16" Maple Bass Drum
12"x8" Birch Tom
16"x16" Birch Floor Tom
14"x6.5" Paul Leim Snare Drum

Sabian Cymbals
16" HHX Groove Hats
20" HHX Ozone Crash
20" HHX Manhattan Ride
21" HHX Dry Ride
21" HHX Groove Ride

Aquarian Drumheads
Toms - Super 2 Coated
Snare - Super 2 Coated
Bass Drum - Superkick

Vic Firth Drumsticks
Black 5A Keio Stroud Model

1959 Ludwig - Red Sparkle
22"x16" Bass Drum
12"x8" Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
Restored by Keio

Dave McAfee

When not producing Grammy nominated albums, Dave McAfee is the man behind Toby Keith and the Easy Money Band.  This is his golden chariot!              

Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Noveau - Honey Yellow
20"x18" Bass Drum
10"X12" Tom
12"X13" Tom
15"X16" Tom
14"X7" Steel Snare Drum

Paiste Cymbals - Signature Series
14" Dark Crisp Hats
16" Mellow Crash
17" Full Crash
18' Full Crash
18" Fast China
20" Dry Ride
14" Dark Crisp Hats

Aquarian Drumheads
Snare Drum - Coated Response II
Bass Drum - Super Kick II
Toms - Clear Super 2 Tops, Classic Clear Bottoms
Vic Firth Sticks
Custom Signature 5BN

Shure Microphones
Talkback/Count off - Beta 56a
Overheads -  KSM 27
Toms - Beta 56a
Snare Drum - SM57
Snare Shell - Beta 98hc
HiHat - SM57
Bass Drum - Beta 91 (inside kick close to attack head), Beta 52 (front kick head at hole)
Yamaha Subkick (mounted inside kick drum)
Buttkickers mounted under throne

Yamaha Hardware 

Rich Redmond

Rich not only stays busy with clinics and in the Nashville studio scene with The III Kings, but is also on the road with country young gun, Jason Aldean.

Sonor S Classix - Grained Maple
24"x17.5" Bass Drum
14"x5.5" Snare Drum
12"x12" Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
18"x18" Floor Tom

Sabian Cymbals
15" AA Rock Hats
12" AA Mini Chinese stacked with 12" HH Splash
19" Signature Saturation Crash (2)
20" HHX Ozone Ride
19" Carmine Appice Devastation Chinese

Sonor Hardware
600 Series
Giant Step Pedals

Remo Drumheads
Snare -  CS Black Dot or Emporer X batter/Clear Diplomat bottom
Toms  - Smooth White Emporor batter/Clear Ambassador bottom
Bass Drum - Clear Powerstroke 3 with Falam Slam Pad batter/Powerstroke 3
with Custom Designer Artwork by Woodshed Percussion front

Tama Rhythmwatch (2)
Ultimate Ears 

Impact Alcorn Custom Cases

ProMark Drumsticks
5B Signature Model

Rhythm Tech Percussion
Metal Ribbon Crasher
Pro Tambourine

DJ Fontana

This is the drumkit that Elvis purchased for D.J. in 1955 from Herb Brockstein Music in
Houston, TX.  The 1953 Gretcsh kit was played on many of Elvis' recordings and performances.  Photo courtesy of Mapex.

1953 Gretsch in Copper Lacquer        
20" Bass Drum
12" Tom
14" Floor Tom
14" Snare Drum
Restored by Sam Bacco

Ron Gannaway

Ron is holding it down with the Redneck Woman, Gretchen Wilson.  Welcome to his office!    


Ludwig Maple Classic - Silver Sparkle
26"x14" Bass Drum
12"x10" Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
14"x6.5" Superphonic Snare
14x6.5" Black Beauty Snare
Sabian Cymbals
19" AA Medium Thin Crash
20" AA Meduim Thin Crash
16" AA Fusion Hats
22" HH Viennese Ride
 7" Alu Bell
Evans Drumheads

Pro Mark Drumsticks
735 Model


DW 5000 Pedals

Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine

John Spittle

John is drumming for country big man, Trace Adkins.           

Ludwig Maple Classic- Sunset Diamond Pearl
26"x16" Bass Drum
10"x8" Tom
12"x9" Tom
16"x14" Floor tom
18"x16" Floor tom
14"x6.5" Ludwig Hand Hammered Bronze Snare
14"x6.5" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

Remo Drumheads
Bass Drum-Powerstroke 3 Batter/Ambassador Black
Toms-Clear Emperor Batter/Clear Ambassador bottom
Snare-Emperor X Batter/Ambassador bottom

Sabian Cymbals
21" AAX Rock Ride
19" AAX Stage Crash
18" AAX Stage Crash
12" HHX Splash
14" AA Regular Hats

Innovative Percussion Drumsticks
IP-RK Model
Various Brushes and Mallets

QuikStix Stick Holder and Cup Holders

Custom made rack with cables inside(Made by John...seeking Patent Pending)
Ludwig tom holders and cymbal arms
DW Pedals and Hi Hat Stand

Dell Laptop
Sonar for click and loops.

Chuck Fields

Chuck is providing the backbeat with country star, Terri Clark.  Here is his current set-up.


Pearl BRX Masters Series - Vintage Sunburst
24"x18" Bass Drum
13"x11" Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
14"x6.5" Steve Ferrone Signature Snare Drum

Aquarian Drumheads
Super 2 Coated
Classic Clear bottoms

Zildjian Cymbals
15" A HiHats
17" Hybrid Crash
19" Hybrid Crash
22" K Ride

Roland SR-16 for click

Mike Melancon

Mike is the drummer for Country group Emerson Drive in support of their third album,
Countrified.  This is his current set-up.  


Pearl Reference Series - Purple Craze
22"x18" Bass Drum
12"x9" Tom
16"16" Floor Tom
14"x14" Floor Tom
14"x5" Pearl Ultracast Snare Drum
13"x3" Pearl Brass Piccolo Snare Drum

Evans Drumheads

Sabian Cymbals
10" or 12" HHX Splash
13" HHX Groove HiHats
19" HHX Stage Crash
20" HHX Stage Ride
18" HHX Suspended Crash

Vater Drumsticks
5B Model



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