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RoadDawg Updates

RoadDawg Spotlight: Dominic Tancredi, Woodshed Stage Art

Check out the updated "Who's on the Road" section!

RoadDawg Gear Check - Tracy Broussard's Touring Kit

The Legendary Roy Burns Interview!

Learn more about Huntington's Disease


Coming Soon:

Interview with Bruno Mars' drummer, Eric "E-Panda" Hernandez!

The "Two-week Media Tour from Hell!"

Weekly updates from Tracy Broussard and David Black from the "Ten Times Crazier" tour!




What's RoadDawg All About?

RoadDawg Online is your all-access pass to the world of touring drummers. You will see interviews and equipment rundowns on some of the finest and most successful drummers on the road today.

RoadDawg Online will capture a candid view of the touring
world in roundtable discussions called, "Gnawin' On The Bone." Everything will be covered from horrible catering, hot Port-a-Potties and no sound check to having an air-conditioned
dressing room and playing for thousands.

A RoadDawg's Day will show what it is REALLY like behind the scenes. RoadDawg Online will have product reviews from the
pros that actually use the gear on a day-to-day, arena-to-arena, real world basis. It will also offer columns by the pros on all aspects of drumming and check out set-ups in "Gear Check."
Be on the prowl for updates!

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The Latest!!

Stay tuned for updates from the "Ten Times Crazier" Tour!

Tales from the Ten Times Crazier Tour - What Do We Do Now?

Tales from the Ten Times Crazier Tour - Too Much Time on Our Hands

Tales from the Ten Times Crazier Tour - Episode 1!

Tales from the Ten Times Crazier Tour - Post-Concert Press Conference

Kevin Murphy - The Tonic Years

Tracy Broussard Gear Check!

DrumHang with Tracy Broussard!


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